Structured Finance

Our Structured Finance Group works with commercial banks, specialty finance companies, insurance companies and asset managers to design and deploy customized funding and liquidity solutions such as securitization, structured asset sales, leveraged leasing, hedging and term funding.

Asset-Based Financing Solutions

We advise banks and insurance companies on tailored balance sheet financing and alternative capital solutions to address troubled assets, including asset-backed securities, residential loans, commercial real estate loans, construction and development loans and commercial and industrial loans. Our work includes expert asset and portfolio credit analytics and valuation, advising on regulatory capital impacts of alternative solutions, transaction structuring and capital markets execution. In addition, we focus on de-risking transactions such as selling first loss pieces of large loan and securities portfolios in a more efficient manner through negotiated structured sales or swaps.


Our team has significant experience arranging and placing securities backed by residential mortgages, commercial real estate loans, corporate leverage loans, leasing portfolios, auto loans and consumer receivables. Additionally, we support secondary market transactions across the capital structure for all ABS sectors.

Specialty Finance & Leasing

We work extensively with specialty finance companies, industrial companies and financial services companies on term-funding solutions, recapitalizations, restructurings, and off-balance-sheet-financings for capital intensive assets. In addition, we focus on sale, financing and leasing transactions for transportation assets, equipment portfolios and a wide variety of other traditional and esoteric assets.